Herbal Infused Garlic Oil

  • “Gahhhhhhhlic!” Whenever anyone says garlic like that, I can hear the love in the tone.  “Gahhhhhhhlic!”    Mmmmmm.   Who doesn’t love garlic?  I grew up in an Italian home where garlic was a staple and used liberally in everything from sauces and gravies to fish and vegetables and casseroles.

    And salads.

    And soups and stews.

    You get the picture.  I love gahhhhhhhlic!

    Maybe you didn’t know that garlic is a potent antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, and antibiotic as well.  Garlic’s therapeutic value tops the list of home remedies to keep as a staple in your home.   Keep a large jar around; you can use it for flavoring your favorite foods, add nutrition to your diet, take as a wellness protocol and even use for ear and skin infections.   So!  Are you ready?

    There are a few ways to infuse the oil. If you are making a flavor oil for culinary purposes only, you can use a cold infusion, sometimes called solar infusion by adding your garlic to a jar with olive oil and letting it sit for no longer than 10 days (to prevent botulism) and then refrigerate immediately.  Or, you can use a crock-pot, or put in the oven, or use on the stove in a double-boiler. I like using solar infusions when using dried herbs however when using garlic for a remedy, it is best to use one of the other heat-extracted methods. Because this is fresh garlic, and because I want to use this for medicinal as well as therapeutic and culinary purposes, I used a double-boiler.   Heat infusions such as this will extract more of the volatile oils that provide such good medicine.

    You will need a clean, dry mason jar.   I used fresh garlic at a ratio of 1 part garlic to 5 parts oil.  I used a garlic press to mince the garlic from one very large bulb.


101217 minced garlic and press

One clove at a time I put through the garlic press (no need to peel – just put it in and skuhweeze! You can pull the peels out of the press after each clove is minced).

101217 garlic press

Once you have finished pressing your garlic, you will want to weigh your jar.  My jar weighed 6.2 ounces.

101217 medium jar on scale

Now, add your garlic to the jar.  Weigh it.  The amount of garlic I used weighed 1.2 ounces.  I get that by taking the total weight of 7.4 ounces and subtracting the weight of the jar.  7.4 ounces – 6.2 ounces = 1.2 ounces.  You can use more garlic if you are just going for garlic to add to your food, but because I want a higher yield of oil to use for remedies, I chose to use a 1:5 ratio (1 part garlic to 5 parts oil).

101217 one point two ounces garlic

Now add your olive oil.  (Use extra virgin, cold-pressed olive oil. It’s not enough to say extra virgin or 100% pure olive oil.  However, not all olive oil is truly extra-virgin, cold-pressed.  Here is a list of some true olive oil brands.  (There are others but you may be surprised to find your $3.00 cheaper version is likely vegetable oil, not olive oil at all.)  Authentic Olive Oils   

Notice the weight is 11.3 ounces.  This means I added 5. 1 ounces of oil to the jar.  I get that by subtracting the original weight of the jar, 6.2 ounces, from the total weight of      11.3 ounces.

101217 five point one ounces evoo

I don’t have a typical double boiler but I use my large stock pot with a stainless steel bowl.  When using a make-shift double-boiler, be sure no water is able to get inside the bowl as it boils.  Turn on high until it boils, then put the temperature to medium-low for about 10 minutes.


After 10 minutes, add it back to your jar and seal it up.  Make sure to label what it is and the date you infused it.  This will be good for one year as long as it is refrigerated.

101217 garlic infused evoo

I can use this for ear infections,  or as a wellness remedy of 10 drops per day under the tongue.

Or, I can add to sauce.  Or fish.  Or soups and stews!







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